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Excavator Attachment: Ripper Shank

Excavator Attachment: Ripper Shank

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Unlock the true potential of your 1-1.8 ton excavator with our versatile Excavator Ripper Shank excavator attachment.

 At 24 inches in length, this common and indispensable excavator attachment is the perfect companion for mini excavators, designed to tackle a range of tasks with finesse, from digging small trenches to uprooting stubborn roots and breaking through frozen ground. If you require the lugging to be changed to fit a different style of bucket ears, the ripper has a flat plate to weld the ears so the lugs can be changed easily.

Specifications - Excavator Attachment: Ripper Shank:

  • Fits Chinese excavators ranging from 1 ton to 1.8 ton.
  • Available in 25mm pin diameter sizes for enhanced adaptability.
  • Flat plate design facilitates easy welding of new lugging to the top of the ripper, ensuring seamless customization.
  • 24" in length, providing the perfect balance of reach and depth for optimum performance.
  • Manufactured with a hardened tooth for increased durability and effective soil penetration.
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