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1.8 Ton 1800kg Roof Excavator with Kubota Diesel Engine - Excavator For Sale BC!

1.8 Ton 1800kg Roof Excavator with Kubota Diesel Engine - Excavator For Sale BC!

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Introducing the BDW18

Financing available! Find an Excavator For Sale BC.

Our 1.8 ton mini excavator features a swing boom that offers increased maneuverability hydraulic thumb, a Kubota diesel engine with universal easy to find parts and glow plugs for easy to use winter operations.

Our mini excavator is perfect for personal use and strong enough for commercial jobs. It's easy to learn and operate, making it an ideal choice for beginners. The simple maintenance requirements of our mini excavator make it a great investment for anyone looking for a durable and reliable tool. 

Safety is always our top priority. Unbeknownst to most buyers, Chinese mini excavators with single-speed drive motors often lack a vital safety feature – the brake valve – to reduce costs manufactures don't include this key part in their standard factory design. Without a brake valve, when sitting on a hill parked, the machine will not budge. But as soon as the travel levers are engaged, the excavator freely rolls with no resistance until the travel levers are disengaged. 

Meet our solution– upgraded travel motors with integrated brake valves for enhanced control and safety. Now, confidently navigate slopes at at controlled pace, benefiting from the added resistance our brake valve provides. Elevate your equipment's safety effortlessly with our impactful upgrade.

Main Parts

ENGINE - Kubota D722 EPA 4 Engine 3 Cylinder Diesel
LIKE Walking Motor
LIKE Rotary Motor
TIANJI Hydraulic Gear Pump

Main Specifications

Dimensions - Length 3110mm X Width 1100mm X Height 2300mm
Operating Weight – 1800KG
Bucket Capacity - .03m2
Bucket Width – 430mm
Track Length – 1450mm
Track Width – 230mm
Track Material – rubber
Ground Clearance- 402mm


Rated Power - 10.2 KW/H
Bucket Breakout Force – 13.8 KN
Digging Height - 3010mm
Maximum Unloading Height - 2285mm
Maximum Digging Depth - 2050mm – Extra 150mm With Quick Hitch Installed.
Lifting Height of Dozer Blade - 290mm
Max Digging Distance – 3260mm
Walking Speed – 2km/h
Maximum Vertical Boom Digging Depth – 2010mm

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