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2 Ton 2000kg Roof Excavator with Kubota Diesel Engine - Excavator For Sale BC

2 Ton 2000kg Roof Excavator with Kubota Diesel Engine - Excavator For Sale BC

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Introducing the BDW20 Mini Excavator

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Equipped with advanced features, the BDW20 stands out in its class. The hydraulic thumb provides precision and control, allowing you to handle materials with unmatched dexterity. The swing boom enhances maneuverability, making tight spaces and complex job sites more accessible than ever before. Powered by the reliable Kubota D902 diesel engine, this compact excavator delivers a formidable performance with a 2000kg operating weight ensuring efficiency without compromise. The expanding tracks provide stability on various terrains, while the expanding blade adds versatility to your excavation projects.

Safety is our top priority in all our machine designs. Unfortunately, buyers are often unaware of this but Chinese mini excavators with a single-speed drive motor lack a crucial safety feature – the brake valve, usually omitted to cut manufacturing costs. This absence makes navigating slopes a risky endeavour. On inclines, the excavator sits still, but once you engage the travel levers, it freely rolls downhill without resistance until disengaged.

Our solution? Upgraded travel motors with integrated brake valves, ensuring improved control and safety. Now, maneuver down hills confidently at your preferred pace, thanks to the added resistance introduced by our brake valve.


  • Operating weight: 2000kg
  • Max dig depth: 2275mm
  • Max unloading height: 2460mm
  • Max excavation height: 3500mm
  • Bucket capacity: 0.04m²
  • Expanding tracks.
  • Expanding blade.
  • Glow plugs for winter operations.
  • Kubota D902 20.4 HP diesel engine
  • Max travel speed: 2km/h
  • Max climbing ability: 30 degrees slope
  • Total length: 3400mm
  • Total width with tracks expanded: 1250mm
  • Width with tracks retracted: 1050mm
  • Platform clearance: 437mm
  • Bucket width: 440mm
  • Max vertical arm excavation depth: 1900mm
  • Max reach: 3790mm
  • Max turning radius: 1394mm
  • Max blade depth: 157mm
  • Working pressure: 16MPa
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 19L
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